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    • It is really important for a person to have a clean environment, therefore our professional cleaners are always ready to help and keep your environment clean for you peace of mind which is the most important task to be accomplished. Our goal is to take the stress out of cleaning your property, so you can focus on what matters most
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Our Services Include

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Sofa Cleaning

Cleaning a sofa can be a complex and time-consuming task! No need to worry about it from now, because our well trained sofa cleaners use some special chemicals and equipment which can make your sofa brand new.
The corners of the sofa are like the Bermuda triangle of every house. Whatever you have lost can be found in the corners and sides of the sofa. Our Sofa cleaning process would make sure that your sofas are cleaned from head to toe, without any potential signs of dirt and dust. Also, we can help you get all back what you lost inside the corners of sofa because a deep cleansing process would turn the sofa upside down, cleaning every part properly.
Our professionals would never sacrifice the texture of your sofa by exposing it to chemicals that are not suitable. Our priority is to maintain the texture and color of the sofa while cleansing it in the best possible way.

Car Cleaning

When is the last time you got your car washed? Karachities are out of time every time and it’s quite understandable because, living in the largest and the economic hub doesn’t come cheap as you need to fight your way to make a living. And in between our hectic work routine we don’t have the time required to get our car washed, right? Don’t worry, because One Roof Cleaning services have specialized cleaners as well who are ready to deliver service at your doorstep, you now don’t have to worry about aking time and waiting in long frustrating ques in car wash stations. Our aim is to keep your car clean and ready to mingle around the city.

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