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One Roof Water & Heat
Proofing Services

As a person, we all want to live a comfortable and healthy life and some savings as well, therefore, our company One Roof provides heat and waterproofing services as well. With our unique techniques and chemicals, the Roof remains cooler and your life becomes much comfier because it not only cools your house but also helps you save your energy bills by not turning on air conditioners. Likewise, on Rainy days we are always there to protect your houses from entering the water and any other kind of seepage that occurs due to rain. So make your Lives easier and we are the Roofers you can completely rely on.

Water Proofing Services Includes:

      • Basement Waterproofing
      • Roof Waterproofing
      • Concrete Tank Waterproofing
      • Torch membrane
      • Bitumen Waterproofing coating
      • Roof Tiles Waterproofing
      • Roof Gutter Waterproofing
      • Roof Drain Waterproofing
      • Crack Repair Waterproofing
      • Expansion Joints Waterproofing
      • Bathroom Waterproofing
      • Planter Box Waterproofing
      • Elevator Lift Pit Waterproofing
      • Swimming Pool Waterproofing
      • Injection Waterproofing

Heat proofing services includes:

      • Commercial Roof Heat Proofing
      • Residential Roof Heat Proofing
      • Industrial Roof Heat Proofing

Recommended Services Includes

Epoxy Work

Polyurethane & Spray