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Beating the heat in Karachi is the biggest challenge. Especially, in the peak summer time. That is, when the mercury regularly climbs to levels of 40- 44 Degree Celsius. Obviously, Karachi city the biggest metropolitan city of Pakistan. Thus, is the largest port city as well with two major ports being KPT i.e. Karachi Port Trust & PQA i.e. Port Qasim Authority. For major population it’s not possible to afford the lifestyle of living 24/7. Otherwise, even close to 17-18 hours a day in Air conditioner due to the rising electricity bills. Therefore, there is a solutions from One Roof construction & maintenance & that’s heat proof services in Karachi.

The heat proof services in Karachi might be plenty in numbers. However, the aim of beating the heat. Thus, as well as getting the heat proof services in Karachi in best price. Obviously, is hardly achieved by most. However, one roof services not only give the services for sake of beating the heat all summers. However, as well as getting the services in quiet economical ranges, prices vary accordingly.

Apart from the heat proof services we also give the water proofing services in Karachi. We are listed amongst the top. That is, in the distinguished list of roof waterproofing company. Every city has its issues due to the environmental hazards as well as climatic conditions. Just like London city one of the most advanced & expensive cities which has an Alpha ++ ranking which is only shared by New York. Thus, London might be having some issues, but there can’t be any issues that relates to heat proofing. Obviously, it’s due to the climate change that last year the temperatures in London. Surprisingly, caused the mercury to rise to above 40 degrees. Something, which happens rarely & even if it’s happens it does for few days.


The roof heat proofing in Karachi is a concept that came from abroad. That is, most importantly from the United States. Thus, Roof heat proofing needs no formal introduction. The reason is some cities in United States. Hence, used to become too hot to handle. Thus, roof proofing was a concept that originated from the great North American nation. Similarly, as an adaption or an inspiration. For ironic reasons, this is something that people preferred to do in their homes in Karachi. It needs the complete proofing of the roof. That is, with insulated material. Something, that makes the rooms heat resistant. That is, cool in warm temperatures. Also, a bit less than cool in very hot temperatures. Surprising results are a cause of success of roof heat proofing in Karachi.


Looking for distinguished water proofing services in Karachi. Its one roof construction & maintenance. A comprehensive service that provides water proofing services as water leakages. Thus, as well as leakages from walls of water is a common problem in Karachi city. The various water proofing services includes wall waterproofing. Further, bathroom & tiles waterproofing. Also, over & underground water tank waterproofing. Another important waterproofing that happens in large homes in Karachi city. Thus, is swimming pool waterproofing. All these are taken care of by one roof Construction & maintenance services. These are ones, that are a unique set of services. Importantly, for various reasons.

These are all services that are a part of the safety of the people. Hence, apart from the maintenance of homes. The home maintenance in Karachi is a major problem. In addition to this, something that is a cause of concern. Water proofing services in Karachi. Hence, usually don’t give all the services. Hence, that comes under the heading of water proofing. However, One Roof is a company that provides almost all of them. Obviously, as we believe in Total Roof maintenance. Also, the provision of services that can be very important for the people of Karachi.

The importance we give to bathroom leakage treatment. Hence, under the banner of one roof. Precisely, in list of water proofing services. Thus, clearly sums up our vision for the people of Karachi i.e. Karachiites.


Karachi city although enjoys the rankings of being the only Beta city. Ironically, which is the highest being achieved by any other city in Pakistan. The next one being Beta minus which is Lahore city. However, still the city has plenty of room for improvement. Furthermore, its water. In addition to this, heat is a major problem. Thus, rather being a drawback of the largest metropolitan city of Pakistan. Also, the 12th largest in terms of the population numbers in world.


One roof as a company has taken responsibility of complete home maintenance services. As a reason we provide roof water proofing. As well as, heat proof services both. Amongst the many roof water proofing company. The company One Roof has a name that stands tall. Similarly, Roof heat proofing in Karachi is the most acknowledged ones. Precisely, due to customer liking. Hence, as well as positive customer reviews. However, there is always a room for improvement. Esp. due to the mammoth size of Karachi city.

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